Frequently Asked Questions


 Do I need CML to run nuVML?

 What is the difference between CML and nuVML?

 Why would I use nuVML?

 What is the benefit of nuVML?

 Where would nuVML be used?

 Can I achieve the same functionality in nuVML without CML?

 What OS does nuVML runs on?

 Does nuPSYS sell CML or VIRL?

 What are the hardware requirements?

 What are the limitations of nuVML?

 Can I connect my nuVML into the production network and simulation network at the same time?

 What is the difference between nuVML and GNS3?

 Who uses nuVML?

 Do we have educational version of nuVML?

 What types of levels are supported?

 Can nuVML visualize routing protocols?

 Can nuVML visualize real time traffic?

 NuVML 2d or NuVML 3d, why?

 Can we use multi-vendor for nuVML?

 What type of images can we visualize?

 Can we import/export Visio drawings into nuVML?

 Can nuVML support Discovery?

 Can I get a trial copy?

 How do I purchase it?

 Can nuVML be used for production network?

 Can nuVML be connected to production?

 Can 3rd party virtual machines be run on nuVML?

 Can we visualize nuVML or VIRL topology?

 Can we import configuration files from routers to nuVML for simulation?

 How can I get training on nuVML?

 Can I purchase from channel partner?

 Does nuVML work with GNS3?

 Does nuVML support sniffer visualization?

 How frequently does product update happen?

 Can we do license transfer?

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